Anal bleaching
Anal bleaching is a process that gives the skin a lighter color around the anus. It eliminates discoloration caused by aging, discharge of faeces and hormonal changes during pregnancy. This is done for cosmetic purposes, for making the anus more consistent with the surrounding area.

The process around the anal bleaching
Some treatments are made in the clinic with a medical technician, while others are given as a recipe with a cream or ointment to be applied to the area.

Skin bleaching cream is also available over the counter. Hydroquinon Creams can be used to minimize blemishes caused by sun exposure, age and oral contraceptive control. For this reason, they are often intergrerade with sunscreen. However, we suspect that hydroquinone is carcinogenic and it has therefore been banned by several countries.

Use of anal bleaching
Anal Bleaching was used early in the adult film stars to improve the appearance of their anal movies. As the popularity of bikini waxing grew (& special extremely revealing the Brazilian wax), customers began to notice that their anal area was darker than the surrounding skin, creating another market for anal bleaching.